Industrial Design Engineering

Bachelor Assignment


Kaldenbach, N.S. (Nadieh)

Constructivist and bidirectional learning in serious games

At: University of Twente

Serious games (games played for purposes other than entertainment) are gaining popularity in educational contexts. In an attempt to facilitate deep learning in serious games, the explicit application of learning theory to serious game design was explored. To do so, the workshop that is being built at the University of Twente was used as a case study. The final game proposal centers around a digital a copy of the workshop in which different serious games for different stakeholder needs can co-exist. In the case study, the game that aims to help students in attaining the learning goal of the workshop was elaborated on. It was concluded that the application of constructivism and bidirectional learning to serious game design can result in a valuable game that advances learning among multiple stakeholders.

Exam date: 14-07-2021