Industrial Design Engineering

Bachelor Assignment


Schalk, D. (David)

Automatic bullet counting to automate the process of tracking shooting results

At: Ministerie van Defensie

The device that is designed is able to count the amount of shots that are fired by a weapon. The device can be attached to the weapon, so that it can measure the recoil. By means of an accelerometer and a gyroscope it can count and distinguish the shots that are fired by the weapon. The number of shots can be wirelessly communicated to a registration system, so that the shooting results of soldiers can be stored digitally. Accessing this registration system allows the shooting instructors to review the shooting results and to gain insights into the shooting capabilities of the whole peloton. Since the registration of the results happens fully automatically, the shooting instructor can give more feedback to his soldiers, instead of writing down all the results manually.

Exam date: 14-07-2021