Industrial Design Engineering

Bachelor Assignment


Buter, P. (Pien)

The design of a disposable biodegradable tea bag for loose leaf tea

At: TeaWall

For the start-up company TeaWall a disposable tea bag was designed which can be used with their loose leaf tea machine. The aim was to design a cost-effective, easy to use and producible tea bag for all common cup sizes which can be disposed of with organic waste. Furthermore, a storage solution for the tea bags had to be designed which can be placed next to the tea machine.

Analyses were carried out about suitable materials, production techniques and usability aspects of the tea bag. Different concepts for the tea bag were created and assessed. This ultimately led to a final physical concept which was evaluated by performing two user tests. The outcomes of the user tests were used to alter the concept where necessary, which resulted in a final design which is ready for production and implementation. 

Exam date: 15-07-2021