Industrial Design Engineering

Bachelor Assignment


Stefess, F. (Floor)

Designing an intuitive object for hand rehabilitation at home

At: University of Twente

This Bachelor Assignment regards the design of an intuitive, (smart) object for hand rehabilitation, due to stroke, for a particular daily activity at home. Through identifying current hand rehabilitation methods, products and experiences as well investigating the personal situation and daily circumstances of the primary and secondary users it was possible to create a requirement specification which supported the development and evaluation of this (smart) object. Throughout this development, three concepts were created of which one direction was chosen: an add-on for kitchen utensils. This idea was developed into an initial concept with a corresponding prototype. An evaluation of these resulted in a final prototype and concept called the Gr!pp. This product was evaluated again on three grounds: intuitiveness, requirement fulfillment and product value. Based on this, recommendations were given to explore future developments of said product.

Exam date: 15-07-2021