Industrial Design Engineering

Bachelor Assignment


Werf, L. van der (Laura)

Better Together, An online platform to improve the cooperation between different stakeholders

At: University of Twente

Within the design and development teams, in which multiple stakeholders are working together on creating a new world, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic. The idea of Packalicious is to 'educate the designers of the future' by improving the cooperation between all the stakeholders. To let these different stakeholders work together, it is possible to create an online platform, in which they can cooperate on a new project.

Therefor, a platform has been designed that is a combination of a social, discussion, and a knowledge platform. The platform, called Better Together, contains aspects of a social platform (by use of a chat function), a discussion platform (by the possibility to ask questions on the platform), and a knowledge platform (knowledge is shared when answering questions).

Exam date: 15-07-2021