Industrial Design Engineering

Bachelor Assignment


Achterhof, E. (Elisa)

Implementing a technologically innovative sustainable deodorant on the market

At: PCV Group

The company PCV Group is specialized in making technical solutions for problems and opportunities. At this moment of time they made an innovative sustainable deodorant. However, it works and looks like a technical product, which will not be appealing for the end-user. The aim of this project is to implement this technologically innovative sustainable deodorant on the market by understanding the market, applying ergonomic elements and outer design. The final result of this assignment is a proposition on how the final concept could look like with its ergonomic design; the outer casing design; aspects that differentiates itself from other (sustainable) deodorants; and an overview of how it can be branded in a specific environment. Furthermore, a physical final prototype is provided to get a real interaction with the designed product. 

Exam date: 21-07-2021