Industrial Design Engineering

Bachelor Assignment


Waterham, H.J. (Rik)

Redesign of an artifact used in a brand co-creation session

At: BR-ND People

Currently, BR-ND People uses an artifact during a so-called 'co-creation' session to enable serious gaming. BR-ND People arranges this session to deliver the service to their clients. The service they deliver is a new brand strategy supported by the internal stakeholders (like employees and management). Some of these internal stakeholders participate in the co-creation session.

In this session, they can contribute to the creation of the basis for the brand strategy. This is done through serious gaming.

The artifact that is currently used in the session will be redesigned. 

The main question that will be answered in the thesis is:

How can the prototype of the artifact used in the co-creation sessions to enable serious games by BR-ND be redesigned to improve transportability, usability and adaptability?

Exam date: 26-07-2021