Industrial Design Engineering

Bachelor Assignment


Wen, X. (Xin)

Research on serious games based on 23plusone

At: BR-ND people

BR-ND people is a company that helps companies set their branding strategy, build their company story and visualisations. 23plusone is a game they developed; it contains 24 emotive drives. It can help individuals and organisations gain insight into emotive dynamics and help people positively change behaviours. BR-ND people want to keep users interested and engaged with the learning journey of 23plusone in a fun way. There is no serious game based on 23plusine yet. Therefore, this research focuses on how a serious game based on 23plsuone makes the learning journey more accessible and fun for users. The research questions are determined based on this topic: How can a 23plusone based digital serious game improve the learning experience to be more accessible and fun? In the end, a serious game is developed to answer the research questions.

Exam date: 30-07-2021