Industrial Design Engineering

Bachelor Assignment


Keij, Y.Q. (Yvette)

Research into the possibility of an optimized production process for current foot orthosis

At: BAAT Medical Products BV

Diabetic patients use a foot orthosis to prevent amputation of limbs. Due to damaged veins

and tissues their blood circulation worsened. This foot orthosis is made of silicone and gives

support to the feet of the patient and improves the blood circulation to prevent wounds.

These orthoses are currently handmade, only locally available and costly. The production

method needs to be improved to make it available to all patients. Possible production

processes and materials have been tested to find fitting opportunities. 3D printing and

casting with silicone are viable solutions, but both need further research. By changing the

design TPU might also be a fitting, cheaper possibility. Recommendations are written for

further research to find the best production process.

Exam date: 15-07-2021