Industrial Design Engineering

Bachelor Assignment


Veldkamp, G.G.M. (Galina)

Designing a children-centred disinfectant dispenser

At: Bromedo

Commissioned by Bromedo and StormyB a dispenser is designed for children focussing on attracting and stimulating proper use. Hereby the company wants to come up with a new product including children instead of only adults as most dispensers do. To achieve this, research is performed about the qualities of a good dispenser, how children can be attracted and finally how this dispenser will look.


The final dispenser is a foot pedal dispenser, lower in height than a normal dispenser to prevent accidents. The appearance is an abstract shaped butterfly or bunny and is available in different colours due to wrapping or stickers. On top of that, the dispenser will provide an application to inform children on hand hygiene and being entertaining at the same time.

Exam date: 23-08-2021