Industrial Design Engineering

Bachelor Assignment


Roosendaal, S. van (Sam)

Baggage Services at Nederlandse Spoorwegen

At: Nederlandse Spoorwegen

To prevent passengers from losing their seats during peak hours on the train, a Baggage Service Policy was designed. The policy uses a logic-based approach and inspiration from the aviation and bus / coach line industries. It consists of a set of rules and limit (size and quantity) for three types of baggage: hand baggage, large baggage, and special baggage (odd shapes and sizes such as skis and musical instruments). Having limits for both size and quantity in turn improves the flow of passengers getting on and ff the train, which is essential for e.g., punctuality. The Policy was completed with a plan for maintaining the service policy, as well as a plan for communicating information about the policy to the passengers. Lastly, a number of suggestions were presented to host the policy in the future fleet of NS trains.

Exam date: 24-08-2021