Industrial Design Engineering

Bachelor Assignment


Blonk, H.A. (Anthonie)

Design Relaxa, combining Human-Centric Lighting and Emotion-Driven Design for the design of novel interactions with a hanging fixture

At: Masterlight part of Eurolight BV

Design Relaxa is the design process in which a new hanging fixed LED fixture with novel human-product interactions is designed for Masterlight. The new designed fixture is designed using Human-Centric Lighting, with a focus on the circadian rhythm, and Emotion-Driven Design, for which the use of the new fixture should evoke one specific emotion namely relaxation. (The shown fixture is the concept based on satisfaction)

The fixture is designed for Masterlight to stay innovative and to provide a new product for the target group, consisting of middle-class people with a focus on 50-60 years old, being in accordance with the consumers of the current Real series. Relaxa adds value to the market by the evocation of relaxation and the positive influence on the circadian rhythm.  

Exam date: 26-08-2021