Industrial Design Engineering

Bachelor Assignment


Broek, R.L. van den (Roman)

Developing an adjustment mechanism for the seating in a Burton car

At: Burton Car Company

A Burton is a sportscar which people can build themselves with a construction kit on the undercarriage of a Citroën 2CV. One component of this car is the original rear seat of the 2CV, which is used as the double seat in a Burton. By default, this seat is fixed in place and cannot be adjusted forward or backward.

This project focused on developing a system to make the seat adjustable, so passengers of varying lengths can drive the same car. The solution was a mechanism consisting of a sliding segment onto which the bench can be mounted, which slides along two rails on the side. The position is fixated by two indexing plungers that fit into holes in the siderail and can be controlled by the driver.

Exam date: 26-08-2021